All Seasons Complex for sinus relief

Herbalist David Foley from Irish Botanica has brought us another new and exciting remedy, All Seasons Complex. If you suffer with sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma, colds, nasal congestion, or hay fever then you could benefit from taking this remedy.

It's brought to us by the same herbalist that brought us Botanical Syrup. A fantastic herbal remedy that I told you about last year that shifts stubborn chesty coughs, dry coughs, and support immunity. That formulation works amazingly well so I am delighted to see that David Foley has a new remedy that I can tell you about.

All Seasons Complex can reduce inflammation and congestion in the nasal passageways and the chest. It can help relieve painful, inflamed and congested sinusitis, and ease the symptoms associated with the common cold. As well as symptoms associated with airborne allergens that can affect you all year round.

It contains Astragulus and Angelica which support immunity. Angelica can ease sinus and chest congestion and can help sinus headaches due to its analgesic effect. Astragulus improves symptoms such as a running nose, itching, and sneezing especially in people who experience seasonal allergies. Peppermint reduces inflammation in the nose and throat. Magnolia is included for its anti-allergic/anti-asthmatic activity, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

All Seasons Complex is also useful for anyone who suffers from hay fever I know that it's early to be talking about this, but it would be worth remembering this remedy. Especially if you start taking it a couple of months in advance of the hay fever Season. The idea of taking it in advance is to improve immunity so that your reaction to the pollen or the airborne allergen is reduced. It reduces the allergic reaction and the release of histamine. Most importantly, it can reduce the hay fever symptoms that you experience. I know that many of you would be happy to know about this remedy.

I think that it's fantastic that Irish herbalist David Foley is leading the way with new and interesting herbal supplements.

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