Biomagnetics and Children

Hi Emma,

My 5 year old son is constantly complaining of a sore stomach on and off times during the day on an ongoing basis for a number of years now. He would also pick up all infections going around at school and he would get chest infections and coughs easily. He wouldn’t have must interest in running around compared to his older sibling but I just put this down to different children.


In June/ July of this year he seemed to complain a lot more and I took him back to my doctor who examined him and asked me questions like does he like sports and school, he then told me that he was 99% sure that my child was making this up maybe because he disliked school or sport. I know my own son and he is such a happy wee boy and loves school so to hear this was ridiculous.


So after talking to my sister in law, she told me about Emma and Bio-magnetics which was something I never heard about but I thought I would give it a shot. Emma worked her magic on him with the magnetics and she picked up on a few wee issues which all make sense. Instantly, I noticed an improvement and even my husband noticed how much energy he had, he was running up and down the field after lambs and he was going on his bike so much more. I haven’t looked back since, he may have complained once in the early days of a sore belly but nothing since.


He seems to be so much more contented and more importantly pain free and so far his coughs have gone and no infections since. I can’t recommend bio-magnetics enough so if you have a child and are worried try this please……