Broken arm - helping with healing

This testimonial is being written by me Emma ( owner of Inishowen Biomagnetics). Before Easter my son Darragh, aged 3, fell and broke his arm. It was a double fracture of his upper arm. At the hospital the doctors informed me that this was one of the most serious fractures you could experience. They wanted to operate and insert two rods to stabilise his arm. They also said the cast would be on for at least 6-8 weeks.


As a parent I wanted to avoid him getting an operation, especially as his wee bones are constantly growing and knitting together. I politely asked for a second opinion and but my case across. :) The doctors agreed to put on a cast and warned me again that it would be on for at least 6-8 weeks and he may still need an operation.


The potential for Biomagnetics is truely amazing. Not only for helping the body to clear different pathogens but also for healing purposes. Everyday after I treated Darragh with the magnets. The inflammation in his hand/fingers went down very quickly. From day 5 Darragh had no pain what so ever. I couldn't believe this as in the hospital the poor wee man was on morphine for the pain. We actually had to stay overnight due to the amount of swelling.


What was the results? Darragh got his cast removed a day short of 4 weeks!!

When he saw the physio she couldn't believe that he had the cast already off for such a bad break. She was amazed by his movement also. The physio saw him on 3 occasions and said his healing was remarkable.  Since having the cast removed if anything his arm seems even stronger. Only yesterday did Darragh ask me what arm did he break again!!