Chronic Bronchitis and COPD

"For the past 7 years I have been plagued with lung problems. I was steady running to the doctors every year. My condition always deteriorated from October to March where I was practically on antibiotics all the time. Last year for example from October –February I had 11 courses of antibiotics. I had no quality of life. The doctors tried me on several inhalers. I am currently on 3 inhalers.
With each infection my lungs deteriorated even more. I was finding breathing very difficult. I was puking up blood . I couldn’t sleep much. I had a constant itch in my lungs and when I coughed the pain was severe. I really thought at times I was not going to survive another winter.
I heard about Biomagnetic Pair Therapy through Facebook and made contact with Emma. If I’m honest I would have been very skeptical of anything alternative. However, I was willing to try anything.
I had my first session in September 2018 and I have never looked back since. After 6 sessions I really began to feel a massive difference in my overall health. I have not had any lung infection this year. I feel like a different person . I now don’t cough at all!! My constant wheezing in my lungs is nearly all gone thanks to Emma . 
I would strongly recommend this treatment to others. For me Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is truly the best therapy I have ever got. Thank you Emma so much!"