Chronic pain, asthma, IBS, back pain and digestive issues

"Ever since I was about 13 i started getting pains in my ankles when walking , I also started getting bad digestive issues and as I got older the pains got worse, my jaw was always locking , I would have severe back pain , I would get shooting pains in my knees and they would run to my chest from my arms and constantly feeling sick and very tired and groggy all the time , I was also diagnosed with adult asthma when I was 28 because of constant coughing and constant phlegm , I was always running to doctors with these issues but no one ever really got to the bottom of it so I just thought it was normal and everyone felt like this , after talking to Emma one day and she said I should give Biomagnetics ago I thought why not.
It was the best thing I ever have ever done. I have no more pains, I used to have heart palpitations and they have all stopped, I’m off all inhalers and treatment I was put on for IBS and I  have never felt better ,I never knew how bad I felt and how it wasn't normal until now , I feel great and have so much energy , from someone who was very skeptical I found it hard to believe something working that I didn’t really understand but I’m so glad I tried it."