Client Testimonial - Colitis and Autoimmune Hepatitis

I have been suffering from Autoimmune Hepatitis for 12 years. This affects my liver function. I also have Colitis for 8 years which severely affects the bowels.

Even with medication, my quality of health was very poor. Over the years I was admitted to the hospital with flare ups.


I've attended Emma for Biomagnetics for a few sessions and from the first treatment I could feel my body starting to heal and balance.


 Prior to attending Emma I experienced severe chronic fatigue, numerous bowel movements a day, feeling nauseous all the time and many others.


At my last bloods and meeting with my team of doctors they were amazed with my blood results.


CRP markers which measure inflammation is now within normal range. Also liver function the same.


The difference in my body and overall health since I attended Emma I cannot put into words.