Client Testimonial - Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME

In 2006 I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in Beaumont hospital. This was 2 years after the onset of symptoms in 2004.  From then until 2018 my condition slowly deteriorated until I basically hit rock bottom.

By then I had tried every therapy I could think of…….acupuncture, tai chi, different herbs, Aloe Vera, graded exercise, cognitive behaviour therapy.  I took supplements of all kinds and strengths up to and beyond bowel tolerance.  I saw many different therapists and every so called alternative therapy I could find.  But, although some of these would ease things, ultimately each and every one failed and I ended up back at square one.

By November 2018 I was in really bad shape and had pretty much given up.  Pain was a constant companion and with it the brain fog.  I couldn’t do much physically and if I did over exert, I paid for it for the next week.  My life was a living hell…….and that's no exaggeration.

Life had gotten to the stage that I no longer believed that anything would improve my condition.  And I wasn't shy about telling people where to go when they would suggest yet another thing to try.

My wife one night came across this new therapy on Facebook using magnets and sent me a link…...and I ignored it.  Enough is enough.  How the blazes could magnets do anything.  But a couple of months later a child nearby was being treated with magnets and people were talking about  how she was improving, even though the doctors could do no more.  So I decided to take another look at this magnets caper.

Now I had my suspicions that I might have Lyme's disease, but that was ruled out in Dublin back in 2006.  However more and more people were coming forward with undiagnosed lymes.  It turns out that the little bastard bug that causes Lyme's is very adapt at hiding in the body.  Apparently only a lab in Germany had the capability of detecting it.  So I decided that I could spend the money to verify if I had Lyme's, even though I had all the classic symptoms or I could spend the money on this magnets thing and see if there was any reaction.

The next week I found out that a woman called Emma was starting up, just a few miles from me and I thought why not give this a go.  After all, I had tried out crazier ideas than this (don’t ask).

Suffice it to say that by the time I got to Emma, I was in really bad shape.  Emma's investigation with the magnets showed the presence of Lyme's.  But not just Lyme's …… there was a lot of co-infections too.  She stopped writing after a page and a half and told me what she found.  So I decided to give this a go.

To say I had a reaction to the treatment is not doing the treatment justice.  The herxing reactions were horrendous.(  I wont describe the horror story of the bathroom. )  I would sleep for hours after coming home.  Over the next few weeks my pillow turned yellow with whatever it was coming out of my pores and my urine turned the colour of dark farmers tea.  That's my fault because I didn’t drink enough water as Emma had told me.

Over the next few months my condition gradually eased and I even had a few pain free days.  Bit by bit I improved until by November 2020 I was all clear.  Mine was an extreme case.  I cannot put into words how much I owe Emma for giving me my life back.  And that's exactly what she did.  My battle toward full health is ongoing, but I believe I wouldn't be here without Emma.  Whatever is is about this magnets thing, I am living proof that they work… least in Emma's hands they do.