Client testimonial : mood, panic attacks, sleep issues and dizziness

I came to Emma just 2 months ago not knowing what to expect. I wouldn't describe myself as sick, sick but I knew I needed help. Covid has affected us all in some shape or form. My mental health was not great. I suffered hugely from anxiety and panic attacks. I also struggled with bouts of dizziness. I've tried all sorts of medicines and other alternative therapies but nothing seemed to have any affect.

Thank God a friend recommended Emma. As soon as you enter her clinic she immediately puts you at ease with her warm personality and witty charm. I have only had 2 treatments to date once a month. My progress has surpassed any of my expectations. 

The dizziness is completely gone. My mood is lifted hugely. I no longer have that tight feeling in my chest and I feel like I can breathe again. My sleep has improved significantly. I always have been a terrible sleeper and didn't expect this to change. I am now getting consistently 6 to 8 hours sleep a night instead of a broken 2 hours sleep. 

I am so glad I made contact with Emma. Thank you Emma so, so much for helping to make me smile and laugh again.