Client Testimonial - Respiratory and digestive issues in a baby

I cannot recommend Emma's biomagnetics enough! She is amazing and has helped my little boy so much.

I attended Emma for him through surrogacy as he was only a few months old so magnets on him wouldn't have worked properly with him being so small. Surrogacy is amazing and I would really recommend it for anyone who has young children who you think might benefit from the magnets.

I do have to say I was very sceptical of surrogacy at the start and just didn't understand how it could work. It involves Emma using me as a surrogacy for my child and he doesn't have to be there. It's just done through biomagnetic energies. To be honest I don't understand exactly how it works but by God it works!

My baby was born with a bad wheeze and he seemed to always be sick coughing and snuffly in his first few months of life. However,I noticed a difference instantly after attending Emma and after a few sessions the wheeze had disappeared and he was like a different child. The magnets showed that he had bacteria in his lungs and also he had really bad sinus problems. The magnets also helped with his bowel movements (he would have been very constipated and bloated)as Emma picked up on bacteria in his wee bowel.

He has never looked back and I really look forward to getting back now post lockdown! Surrogacy is amazing and I would highly recommend it! Thank you Emma 😀