Client Testimonial – Severe asthma in a 2 year old child

So to say my son was sick is an understatement. He is now 2 years and 3 months and from the age of 9 months he started being sick. Numerous runs to GPs and Now Doc. To date he has been in hospital 10 times with stays from overnight up until 2 weeks, once they were threatening  intensive care and followed by being air lifted to Crumlin.  The ambulance was twice at my house due to  his severe asthma attacks. At one year and one week he was diagnosed  with acute asthma.  He has had 3 bouts of bronchitis .  Steroids  and antibiotics not exaggerating he had them both once a month if not more from the age of 9 months. Medication – he was given his first inhaler of ventolin at 9 months, started Becotide at  1 year and 1 month, started Singulair at 16 months.


Daily symptoms – my son  had no day when he wasn’t sick or affected by his asthma. He couldn’t run the length of himself without coughing, wheezing or being sick. He couldn’t go to indoor play parks without needing ventolin.  I feel the first 2 years of his life were deprived by sickness.


After his last severe asthma attack and the ambulance at my house – Emma contacted me as we are friends and she basically if I’m honest demanded that I bring my son out to her for magnets. At this stage I was a sceptic but my whole family  was at our wits end , so we had  nothing left to loose. I was physically and mentally exhausted.


To date Emma has treated my son on 5 occasions. After the first treatment the change in him was unreal. Each time he had treatment he improved even more. His immune system is getting stronger by the day.Last week we went on our first family holiday and it was great to see my son being able to enjoy running about and having so much energy and myself or my husband not worrying that he was going to have an asthma attack. Before we started with Emma asthma and his  sickness ruled our lives.


Now  the improvement by everyone is clear to see. So we’ve been in treatment for just 2 months -  in that time I only have given ventolin on 2 occasions. Previous it would have been 4 times a day when required.  He has had one round of steroids and one round of antibiotics  - before it would have been at least once a month.  We’ve had been able to cut back on Singulairs and Becotide was 200mg a day and is now down to 100mg a daily.


My son now  is a happier boy – no wheeze, rarely has a cough , post nasal drip has stopped, more energy  and his speech has improved  unbelievably – he is now making sentences. This child is referred to Speech Therapy due to concerns of very little speech.


Without Emma and her treatment with the magnets I wouldn’t like to think where I or my son would be today. She saved  us. We are forever in her debt.