Client Testimonial : Severe Migraines, Sleep Issues, Chronic Fatigue and Cysts

I attended biomagnetic treatment with Emma for a few reasons. At first I was very skeptical about the treatment but I spoke to Emma and I highlighted that I was suffering from severe migraines that would last days and I tried multiple pain relief tablets and other sources to try to deal with the pain but they weren’t helping at all.


I also pointed out that I was not able to sleep easily at night often tossing and turning into the early hours trying to at least get a few hours sleep and because of this I was tired all the time and had little energy to do anything and often coming home after work I would be exhausted.


For the last few months I had experienced a cyst that was growing on the inner side of my left wrist, at peak times this cyst would cause me unbelievable pain and I wouldn’t actually be able to lift anything or do anything with my left hand which with work was quite a struggle at times.


Since I have started with Emma I have had 3 sessions and I have seen such an amazing difference in my sleeping and in my energy levels as well as my headaches. My migraines have now become less frequent from having 1/2 a week and not being able to function with them to having 1 every few weeks but being able to take pain relief and it actually working! I’m sleeping so much better at night and my energy levels haven’t been better!


Since having my 2nd session my cyst has drastically reduced and if it flares up the pain is nowhere near what it was before and only lasts a few hours not days like before. I saw such a difference in myself from the first session and getting better each time. I am so thankful to Emma for what she’s done and what the biomagnetic treatment has done for me as I was so sceptical at the start! I honestly do recommend Emma so much!!