Infertility Problems & Lyme Disease

"Just want to thank Emma so so much .This treatment has transformed my life into a happily ever after for me and my partner .I was diagnosed with pcos at the age of 15, it was quite severe and the doctor put it too me at that young age you likely will never have kids.
At this age it doesn't hit home or have a massive impact and me as I had other ideas in my life and kids never crossed my mind ,but still it always stayed in my mind what had been said to me.
Then I found out I had Lyme disease ,after maybe having it for 15 plus years. I decided to try out BMPT as a treatment instead of taking antibiotics. Within 4 sessions I started to feel a lot better, it had a massive impact for me.
I was getting my memory back, feeling pain free and confident in myself  as I had lost it with having to second guess myself as my memory loss was severe and found it hard to hold a conversation or socialize with friends because I felt I just couldn’t hold a conversation the way I used to .I just feel great . ;)
In the mean time I decided to try for a baby, as I had previous miscarriage I was afraid to try again .But with Emma’s help using the magnets she was able to clear any bacteria's or viruses in my womb and uterus. We conceived only after 2 treatments. In total I only had five treatments with Emma.
No words in the dictionary can explain how happy we both feel. So grateful to have got this treatment as nothing else was working. I am telling my story to let other people who want to have children and have PCOS or other illnesses to have an open mind about it. It’s a fraction of the cost of IVF and other treatments and totally painless and non invasive.
We are living the dream and life is amazing. It was so easy to conceive and everything is going great . Just want to thank Emma again you were so understanding, empathetic and very kind and I felt at ease with you.
I am so grateful to you. And becoming parents there's nothing better in the world. ❤"