Long Covid - a client testimonial

So I was unlucky to get Covid back in April. For me Covid wasn't actually too bad. I was lucky or so I thought. However, since April I struggled with my health massively. I am only 34. The symptoms I experienced on a daily basis was brain fog, breathlessness, chronic fatigue, insomnia and itch all over my body.


After alot of research I realised that I was suffering from Long Covid!! I heard about Biomagnetic Pair Therapy through a friend. I was initially very sceptical, however when you meet Emma you know your in safe hands. That woman knows her stuff!! 

I've had two sessions and already the difference in my health is huge. Even my family see it. After the first treatment my energy levels gradually began to lift. My mood swings were more settled. After the second treatment I've noticed a huge change in my breathing and chest pains. My sleep issues are settling too. I can see light at the end of the tunnel!! 

This treatment is amazing. I would highly recommend it. Thanks a million Emma. Xx