Severe migraines

I have been attending Emma for this treatment which has immensely helped with my migraine headaches. I have suffered with these debilitating headaches from a very early age and experience at least one weekly. I have tried many medications including pain relief, preventables, triptans, injections and anti inflamitories, none of which have been helpful. I have had about 6 treatments with Emma and while I do still experience migraines, they have become less frequent and more treatable with medication. Emma is very aware of how skeptical I was of this treatment 🤣🤣 as I have tried many alternatives including acupuncture and chiropractic along with various other treatments - all without success 😫 I also believed this treatment was only for the treatment of Lymes Diease 😁😉 Biomagnetic therapy has made a significant difference in my life. I would highly recommend Emma and this treatment for migraine and indeed any other ailments people might be suffering from 😊😊😊. See you soon Emma!