Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

In 1988 Dr Isaac Goiz Duran found the Biomagnetic Pair (BP). Biomagnetic Pair Therapy or Biomagnetism is a revolutionary alternative therapy capable of treating a range of chronic illnesses.

Our health depends upon a stable pH.  By nature our pH is between 6.7- 7.3. 7 is considered neutral and everything -/+ 0.3 this neutral state (7) is thought to be ‘normal’. Our health relies on a stable pH, however the elements and forces of nature that shape our tissues tend towards alkalinity or acidity. Our pH will can be altered for various reasons which are non-pathogenic. For example: exercise, when it is too hot or cold, when we eat or when we are emotional.

Health problems and pH levels

Health problems occur when a pathogen which is a virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite enters the body. When this happens, the pH, is altered at two specific points in the body. This is known as ‘The Biomagnetic Pair’ as identified by Dr. Goiz.

What causes the pH to be altered?

The pH level can be altered within the body for numerous reasons. They include infections caused by  pathogens, psycho-emotional issues, conductivity defects of the heart, nervous system or muscles, glandular dysfunctions, dehydration, sprains, fractures, poisonings , acute  or chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, respiratory and/or metabolic alkalosis or acidosis, neuropathies etc.


These imbalances all respond in a specific definite way within the organism when subjected to a specific magnetic polarity and can all be balanced and corrected with the proper placement of static magnetic fields on specific locations on the organism of a magnetic strength no lower than 1500 Gauss. When the pH is balanced it  immediately corrects and  regulates the infectious pathologies present. As well as identifying pathogens in the body this therapeutic approach can detect and regulate glandular dysfunctions.


According to Dr. Goiz Durán :

“When an illness affects the body, two magnetic fields are created, one positive (acidic); one negative (alkaline). Health depends on tissue and cellular pH, whose values must remain close to neutral; they can be detected and balanced through the use of magnets of medium intensity”. Ref: Dr. Goiz Duran, I. (2001). The Biomagnetic Pair. (3rd Ed), Mexico, Alternative Medicine and Rehabilitation, S.A.

Richard Broeringmeyer, author of Energy Therapy, further states that, “pH imbalances of the internal organs can be measured using magnetic fields in an indirect and qualitative, not quantitative, way”. Ref: Broeringmeyer, R. & Broeringmeyer, M. (1987). Energy Therapy, Bio Health Enterprises.


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In May 2009 Dr Isaac Goiz who in 1988 discovered the Biomagnetic carried out a huge study. Over 200 patients from all over were treated using the magnets over a period of four days. Blood samples were taken before and after treatment from all patients in order to check if the pathogens that caused their symptoms were still present in their blood after the treatment.