Infertility problems and Lyme disease.

"Just want to thank Emma so so much .This treatment has transformed my life into a happily ever after for me and my partner .I was diagnosed with pcos at the age of 15, it was quite severe and the doctor put it too me at that young age you likely will never have kids.
At this age it doesn't hit home or have a massive impact and me as I had other ideas in my life and kids never crossed my mind ,but still it always stayed in my mind what had been said to me.
Then I found out I had Lyme disease ,after maybe having it for 15 plus years. I decided to try out BMPT as a treatment instead of taking antibiotics. Within 4 sessions I started to feel a lot better, it had a massive impact for me.
I was getting my memory back, feeling pain free and confident in myself  as I had lost it with having to second guess myself as my memory loss was severe and found it hard to hold a conversation or socialize with friends because I felt I just couldn’t hold a conversation the way I used to .I just feel great . ;)
In the mean time I decided to try for a baby, as I had previous miscarriage I was afraid to try again .But with Emma’s help using the magnets she was able to clear any bacteria's or viruses in my womb and uterus. We conceived only after 2 treatments. In total I only had five treatments with Emma.
No words in the dictionary can explain how happy we both feel. So grateful to have got this treatment as nothing else was working. I am telling my story to let other people who want to have children and have PCOS or other illnesses to have an open mind about it. It’s a fraction of the cost of IVF and other treatments and totally painless and non invasive.
We are living the dream and life is amazing. It was so easy to conceive and everything is going great . Just want to thank Emma again you were so understanding, empathetic and very kind and I felt at ease with you.
I am so grateful to you. And becoming parents there's nothing better in the world. ❤"

Skin issues

"For the past 2 years I have been plagued with cysts and several abscesses on my stomach. These cysts/abscesses would ooze fluid and were extremely painful. I had to attend the doctors on several occasions where they lanced them and also had to dress them. Over the years I was given various courses of strong antibiotics to try and eradicate the problem. Nothing worked. I would say I had at least 6 plus courses of antibiotics.
I started attending Emma and Biomagnetics. I was very skeptical as I never attended anything alternative before. However, Emma quickly put me at ease. In the initial session Emma identified a particular bacteria that was directly causing my skin problems on my stomach. In all it took two sessions to clear my stomach completely. I am delighted with the results."

­­­­­­­­­­­­­Chronic Bronchitis and COPD

"For the past 7 years I have been plagued with lung problems. I was steady running to the doctors every year. My condition always deteriorated from October to March where I was practically on antibiotics all the time. Last year for example from October –February I had 11 courses of antibiotics. I had no quality of life. The doctors tried me on several inhalers. I am currently on 3 inhalers.
With each infection my lungs deteriorated even more. I was finding breathing very difficult. I was puking up blood . I couldn’t sleep much. I had a constant itch in my lungs and when I coughed the pain was severe. I really thought at times I was not going to survive another winter.
I heard about Biomagnetic Pair Therapy through Facebook and made contact with Emma. If I’m honest I would have been very skeptical of anything alternative. However, I was willing to try anything.
I had my first session in September 2018 and I have never looked back since. After 6 sessions I really began to feel a massive difference in my overall health. I have not had any lung infection this year. I feel like a different person . I now don’t cough at all!! My constant wheezing in my lungs is nearly all gone thanks to Emma . 
I would strongly recommend this treatment to others. For me Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is truly the best therapy I have ever got. Thank you Emma so much!"

Joint pain and lack of energy

"Having experienced joint pain and lack of energy I thought I would try biomagnetism with Emma. I was not disappointed .After a few visits I now feel ailment free......the joint pain has subsided and I feel my energy levels and mood have increased. On one occasion , pain I was experiencing when visiting Emma was totally gone on leaving. I highly recommend Emma and biomagnetism to anyone experiencing pain or lacking energy. Emma totally puts you at ease . I'm sure you will not be disappointed. Thank you Emma."

Extreme fatigue and headaches.

"I attended Emma after experiencing extreme fatigue and headaches I wasn’t sure what to expect but I immediately felt a massive difference in my energy levels. I was able to exercise for the first time in months and felt like I was myself again, amazing treatment, I would recommend everyone to give it a try it can work miracles!"

Chronic pain, asthma, IBS, back pain and digestive issues

"Ever since I was about 13 i started getting pains in my ankles when walking , I also started getting bad digestive issues and as I got older the pains got worse, my jaw was always locking , I would have severe back pain , I would get shooting pains in my knees and they would run to my chest from my arms and constantly feeling sick and very tired and groggy all the time , I was also diagnosed with adult asthma when I was 28 because of constant coughing and constant phlegm , I was always running to doctors with these issues but no one ever really got to the bottom of it so I just thought it was normal and everyone felt like this , after talking to Emma one day and she said I should give Biomagnetics ago I thought why not.
It was the best thing I ever have ever done. I have no more pains, I used to have heart palpitations and they have all stopped, I’m off all inhalers and treatment I was put on for IBS and I  have never felt better ,I never knew how bad I felt and how it wasn't normal until now , I feel great and have so much energy , from someone who was very skeptical I found it hard to believe something working that I didn’t really understand but I’m so glad I tried it."

Thyroid problems and digestive issues

This client needed only 2 treatments of Biomagnetics.
" I heard about Biomagnetics from a friend of mine. I didn't understand what it was but at the time I was waiting for an appointment in a Dublin hospital to receive the iodine treatment for an overactive thyroid. I was very reluctant to get iodine treatment because of all the side effects and as a young woman I decided I would try biomagnetics.
 At the same time, I was trying to be weaned off my thyroid medication as my levels were up and down constantly so I told my doctor I was having biomagnetics and we decided to go off the medication for a week or so starting the day after the first Biomagnetic treatment.
I did this and I have not had to go on my medication since. My last 2 blood tests reveal my thyroid is now within the normal levels and I am no longer eligible for the iodine treatment. I also had problems with my stomach and digestive system and I had previously been diagnosed with IBS. I have not had any problems with this since my first treatment. I was also on antidepressants for around 2-3 years and I am no longer on these either.
I had a follow up treatment just to check that everything was going well and in that session Emma told me that my reproductive system seemed to be abnormal and around 4 days later my doctor rang me with my latest smear test results and said that it had come back abnormal. I wasn't shocked as I explained about the last session with Emma had uncovered.
It is unreal how well you feel after this treatment and it really has to be experienced to be believed. I didn't really understand it when I went for it but Emma explained everything really well. I have never had as much energy, never slept as well and never felt generally as good as I have done this past couple of months and that is all down to Emma and the biomagnetics treatment. Couldn't recommend it enough!"