"The First Step Is You Have To Say That You Can." ... Will Smith

First treatment

In your first treatment Emma will give a detailed and simple explanation of how the therapy works. First appointments are allocated extra time to gather important health information from the client and also to answer any questions or concerns that the client may have.

The treatment will commence with the client removing only their shoes and laying fully clothed on the therapy bed. The client is then fitted with a pair of comfortable therapy shoes on  their feet.

The next part of the treatment involves a kinesiology style type of muscle testing. This will process will be explained in detail during the initial consultation time. Each scanning point in the body will be checked for any pH imbalances. The client’s feet will be checked for a distortion in leg length.

This leg length imbalance corresponds to a pH distortion in the relevant organ or body part that we have placed a magnetic field on. A second magnetic field of opposite polarity is then placed on a resonating point to restore equilibrium to that area before we move on to the next imbalanced point. This process is repeated until the entire body has been fully “scanned” and the affected areas re-balanced. The magnets must remain in place for approximately 30 minutes to complete the session.

The entire procedure takes approximately 1.5 hours for initial consultations and about an hour to 1.5 hrs for follow up sessions. During the treatment the client will not experience any discomfort or pain. In fact many say that the therapy is very relaxing. Some report feeling a slight vibration or tingling sensation. After the treatment is complete, and the magnets have been removed, you can then go back to your seat to relax and receive some feedback on what we have found. This normally concludes our session, with follow up appointments being scheduled as needed.

Please note: We operate a 48 hour cancellation policy (unless there are exceptional circumstances). Anyone cancelling after this time limit will be charged for a full treatment.